Project Details

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Project Details

Project Location Khasra No./ Plot No.183 , 317 & 318 , Village- VILLAGE LOHAGAL , 100FT. MAIN ROAD, GANESH GUWARI, , Ajmer - 305001 (Rajasthan)
Project Category Group Housing
Project Registration No. RAJ/P/2018/824

1. Project details as at the time of registration dated (24-09-2018) View
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3. Registration Valid upto  25-07-2021  as per RC View
4. Current Status of the Project : : INPROGRESS
Occupancy Certificate (OC) NIL
Partial Completion Certificate (PCC) NIL
Suspension Order NIL
Revocation Order NIL
Registration Certificate of RWA NIL
Certificate of Insurance NIL
Forms R1,R2 and R3 (which have not been uploaded already as part of the QPR and have been obtained during the course of a quarter for withdrawing money from RERA Account) NIL
Period of extension availed
(From) (To) Certificate
7/26/2021 7/25/2022 Form-F Project Extension Summary
7/26/2022 7/25/2023 Form-F Project Extension Summary
6. Approved maps as at the time of registration View
Revised Maps dated uploaded on 7/15/2021 View
Revised Maps document dated uploaded on 7/15/2021 View
7. Bank Account NIL
8. Encumbrance NIL
9.Quarterly Progress Reports (QPRs)
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10. Annual Progress Reports (APRs)
11. Project Profile Modification View
12. Promoter Profile Modification NIL
13. Orders passed in complaints/suo moto cases
14. Notices/ Any other document

Date of Issue -

Date of Issue - 7/2/2021

Nodal Officer: Rishabh Sharma, Contact: 0141-2851900, E-Mail:

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