Application for Extension of Registration Due to Corona Pandemic(as approved in-principle by the Authority's order dated 13-05-2020)

Project Details
Extension Application No. : RAJ-RERA-APP-PE-2021-457 (3/26/2021)
Project Name Vatika Infotech City for Part- A Promoter Name VATIKA LIMITED
Project Registration No. RAJ/P/2019/884 Project Type Plotted
Estimated Finish Date (in online form) 31-12-2021 Project Registration Valid till
(as per registration certificate)
12/31/2021 View
No Previous Extension Availed In The Past
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Project Extension Details
Extension being Sought Upto 12/31/2022
Duration of extension being sought 12 Months 0 Days
Explanatory Note regarding the stage of development works in the project and reasons for not completing the development works by the estimated finish date
Delay is on account of force majeure condition arising from Corona Pandemic (as recognized by the Authority vide its order No. F1(146)RJ/RERA/2020/848 dated 13-05-2020)
Declaration cum Undertaking for Extension of Registration

I/ we do hereby solemnly declare and undertake:
That the project shall be completed by the extended project finish date, i.e., 12/31/2022 and that all the information provided in this application is true and correct.

Registered Phase Area

Online Phase Area
Has any partial CC/OC been obtained for the project? No

Payment Details

Actual PhaseArea Fees In (INR) ExtensionFees StandaradFees PenaltyFees Status
240732.88 ₹ 12,03,665.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 12,03,665.00 ₹ 0.00 Paid

Payment Slip

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Extension Payment Slip
Comments Details
PARA Created BY Comments Date Status Document
1 Rishabh Sharma (10665) project name: - vatika infotech city promoter name: - vatika limited extension application no. : raj-rera-app-pe-2021-457 (26-03-2021) project type: - plotted development phase area: - 240732.88 fees paid: - ₹ 12,03,665.00 project registration valid till: - 31-12-2021 extension being sought upto: - 31-12-2022 submitted for approval of extension due to corona pandemic. 3/26/2021 PENDING WITH JOINT REGISTRAR
2 Ramesh Sharma (9009) record pulled by registrar 3/26/2021 PENDING WITH REGISTRAR
3 Ramesh Sharma (9009) submitted for perusal and approval. 3/26/2021 PENDING WITH CHAIRMAN
4 NIHAL CHAND GOEL (1) approved 3/30/2021 Application Approved
Nodal Officer: Rishabh Sharma, Contact: 0141-2851900, E-Mail:

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