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General Information
Information Type Firm / Company / Associates Etc
Organization Name NEO DREAM HOMZ PVT LTD Organization Type Company
Address Details
State Rajasthan District Kota
Tehsil Ladpura Village/ Town/ City
Plot / Khasra No 105 Ward No station road
Street/ Locality civil lines Pin Code 324001
Organization Contact Details
Office Number 07442323666 Website URL

Partner / Director Details

Name Designation Photo

Past Executed / Ongoing Project Experience In Last Five Years

Project Name Project Type Address Land Area(In Sq. meters) Number of Buildings/Plots Number of Apartments/Plots/Shops/etc. Original Proposed Date of Completion Actual Completion Date
Record Not Found

Project Details

Project Status :- New Project
Project Name KRISHNA AANGAN Project Type Group Housing
Estimated Commencement Date 2/1/2018 Estimated Finish Date 12/30/2020
Actual Commencement Date 2/1/2018 Litigation related to registering project No
Land Details Of Registering Project
Plot No. / Khasra No. Krishna Niwas, Station Road opp Nehru Garden, Civil lines Nayapura Kota Total Area Of Project (In sq. meters) 4938.66
Phase Area (In sq. meters) 4938.66 Fees to be paid to RAJ RERA In (INR) 49387.00
Open Area(In sq. meters) 2991.41 Number Of Apartments / Plots 135
Proposed But Not Sanctioned Number Of Apartments / Plots 0 Sanctioned Number Of Apartments / Plots 135

Longitude And Latitude Details

Longitude Latitude
25.20581998721022 75.86039733777125
25.20623497259622 75.85978311190684
25.206771296642614 75.86011570582468
25.20660384730721 75.8604080666073
25.206441251355276 75.86033832917292
25.206179155930727 75.86073261389811
25.205802999474223 75.86041879544337
Total built up area / saleable area
Total built up area / saleable area (in sq. meters) 20223.70
State Rajasthan District Kota
Tehsil Ladpura Village/ Town/ City
Plot / Khasra No Krishna Niwas Ward No station Road, opp nehru garden,
Street/ Locality Civil lines, nayapura Post Office Nayapura
Pincode 324001
Remark About Project
1. our land cost is rs. 152207565/- and development cost is 456000000/-. Thus our total land and development cost is rs. 608207565.00. 2. Parking details submitted online is as depicted on the approved maps. 3. There is no commercial area in our project. 4. All set of approved drawings have been uploaded under the head of copy of layout approval.


Sr. No Particular Estimated Total amount(in INR)
1 Land cost as per rule 5(1) 152712146.00
For the purposes of sub-clause (D) of clause (l) of sub-section (2) of section 4, the land cost shall be the cost incurred by the promoter whether as an outright purchase, lease charges etc. and includes-
Revenue or area share given to land owner in lieu of land under any kind of agreement such as Joint Venture, Joint Development etc, in case the Promoter is not the owner of the land.
Amount paid to land owner.
Incidental costs related to acquisition of land such as stamp duty, brokerage, settlement costs of litigation, premiums paid to government authorities related to land.
Interest on finance for purchase of land.
Litigation costs incurred for land acquisition.
Property and other taxes, fees, premiums paid.
2 Development cost as per rule 5(2) 540000000.00
For the purposes of sub-clause (D) of clause (l) of sub-section (2) of section 4, the construction cost shall be the total cost incurred by the promoter, towards the on-site expenditure for the physical development of the project and includes fees payable to the architects, consultants, project managers/staff including engineers, marketing agents etc. fees/charges/security deposit payable to various departments/authorities, Labor Cess, VAT which are incurred during the development of the project.


Type Total No. of Cars Total No. of Two Wheelers No. of Cycles Mechanical Car Parking No. of Visitors Parking No. of Parking Allocated
Location Car Two Wheelers Car Two Wheelers
Open Area 16 0 0 96 28 0 0 0
Stilt Floor 34 34 0 0 9 9 0 0
Basement 58 172 0 0 14 43 0 0
Any Other Floor 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

PROJECT COMMON AREA DETAILS - Development Work For Whole Project

Common Area And Facilities, Amenities Proposed Percentage Of Completion (if project is ongoing or completed) View
Water Supply Not Available 0 Not Uploaded
Rain Water Harvesting/ Recharging Not Available 0 Not Uploaded
Sanitation(Storm Water Drainage, Sewerage, STP, Solid Water Disposal etc) Not Available 0 Not Uploaded
Electrification(Transformer, Solar Energy etc) Not Available 0 Not Uploaded
Fire Fighting Provision Not Available 0 Not Uploaded
Others Yes 0 view
Building Name Number of Blocks
Block Number of Basements Number of Floors
Block - 1 1 9


Document Name Document View
Building Sanction Plan Building Sanction Plan.pdf view


Apartment Type Block Number Carpet Area (Exculding balcony / Verandah / terrace) (In sq. meters) Area of Exclusive Balcony and Verandah Proposed Number of Apartments Number of Apartments Booked/Sold/Allotted
1-BHK TYPE A Block - 1 42.98 9.70 9 0
2-BHK TYPE A Block - 1 75.16 10.91 18 0
2-BHK TYPE B Block - 1 72.01 8.76 9 0
2-BHK TYPE C Block - 1 65.49 10.12 9 0
3-BHK TYPE A Block - 1 107.72 13.93 18 0
3-BHK TYPE B Block - 1 106.00 6.29 9 0
3-BHK TYPE C Block - 1 102.43 8.08 9 0
3-BHK TYPE D Block - 1 104.33 8.22 9 0
3-BHK TYPE E Block - 1 85.21 10.26 9 0
3-BHK TYPE F Block - 1 85.21 7.75 9 0
3-BHK TYPE G Block - 1 84.97 7.75 27 0

Project Professional Details


E-mail Address Name Contact Address Contact Number Neo hitech Contractors pvt ltd 703, 7th Floor Bhandari House, Nehru Palace, New Delhi-110019 7300050605


E-mail Address Name Contact Address Contact Number Space Grid Architects C-49, Vidya Apartments, Paras Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur 1414005506


E-mail Address Name Contact Address Contact Number Prime Tech Design Consultants B-1 Plaza, Ashok Vihar, GIrdhar Marg, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur 1412554485


E-mail Address Name Contact Address Contact Number Aashi Associates F9/440, Keshav Marg, ChitraKoot Scheme, Ajmer Road, 1412440946


E-mail Address Name Contact Address Contact Number Ashi Associates F9/440, Keshav Marg, Chitrakoot Scheme, Ajmer Road, Jaipur 1412440946
Document Name Proposed View
Copy of the legal title report for project land Yes View
Detail of encumbrances for project Yes View
Signed Proforma of the allotment letter and agreement for sale for project (As per RAJ-RERA Rules and FORM G) Yes View
Declaration in FORM B (As per RAJ-RERA Rules) Yes View
Document Name Proposed View
Copy of layout approval(in Case of plotted) and Building Plan Approval(GH/COMM/COMM+GH) Yes View
NOC For Environment Yes View
NOC for Fire Yes View
Water supply permission Yes View
NOC from Airport Authority of India Yes View
Other approvals as may be required and obtained for the project Yes View
Document Name Proposed View
Brochure of Project No Not Uploaded
Location with Demarcation (Map/Plan) Yes View
Copy Of Approved Site Plan Yes View
Gantt Charts Or Milestone Charts And Project Schedule No Not Uploaded


Other Promoter Name Email Contact Number Address
No Record Found

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